CSC’s Workforce Development Program provides services to returning citizens, and those who are currently unemployed or underemployed. The program uses a solution-focused approach to job and life skills training and job placement.

The program includes:

  • Job readiness training, on-the-job training and job placement
  • Full case management and wrap-around services
  • Ongoing personal and professional support services to address the core needs of the participant
  • Life skills training with educational and family support group sessions, financial planning and management, assistance with healthcare and accessing safe and affordable housing within their community.


CSC is currently training 40 returning citizens to increase their employability skills and place them into unsubsidized jobs through a Justice Grant Administration. To ensure success we have dedicated staff who provide program management, case management, education services and job development to the participants.

Following an orientation and an assessment/evaluation screening, the participants enrolled in a three (3) week job readiness/life skills training workshop.

In addition, the CSC staff creates and maintains long term partnerships with community based, private, Federal and District employers in order to secure subsidized placements. Our board members are involved in connecting us with employment opportunities along with encouraging our participants to be successful in their future endeavors.

Learn more about our parenting support work — enroll in a class or group, or schedule a class or group at your organization — please contact James LeBlanc at jleblanc@wearecsc.org

How has CSC impacted my life?

CSC helped me to find solid ground in my life. The folks at CSC helped me to sort through some things I didn’t think I’d be able to overcome.

Anonymous Client

The most important thing to me is keeping my family happy and healthy. CSC helped me get a job and feed my family and I can’t express how grateful I am for that.

Anonymous Client