Collaborative Solutions for Communities Partners with PCITI

Collaborative Solutions for Communities (CSC), partnered with the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI) to host a week-long training program to certify area organizations in violence prevention. Partners that participated in the course included Helping Inner City Kids Succeed (HICKS), DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI), East River Family Strengthening Collaborative (ERFSC), Mary’s Center, National Homecoming Academy, and Keep it Real, When Real is Due. The program, which concluded with a graduation on Tuesday, provides inner-city communities the tools necessary for the prevention of community crisis.

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Why this work is Important

“For over 12 years CSC has offered its partners critical incident training in response to violence prevention,” said CSC Executive Director, Penelope Griffith. “Our partnership with Aquil and his team is a perfect collaboration because we both believe in a holistic approach for our outreach. Social workers, psychologist and other professions must have a license to operate in addition to the necessary protocols and procedures. The work we do at CSC and PCITI is imperative.”

Documentary Featuring Aquil Basheer

Across the country, there is a growing distrust between members of the community and those who are meant to protect it. In Los Angeles, a group of former gang members have joined forces with community leaders and law enforcement on a mission to break the cycle of violence that they were once a part of creating.

At its heart, License to Operate is a film about redemption, hope and change. It’s about rebuilding relationships and forging new alliances. It’s about healing the wounds of a community. It’s about how the effort of a few can change the direction of an entire city.

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About Aquil Basheer

2015-07-10_10-02-05Aquil Basheer has been described as ‘One of the nation’s most premier public safety, crisis survival, threat elimination professionals” in society today. He is an internationally known, certified, award winning lecturer and author, instructional coach, violence prevention specialist, crisis intervention expert and street survival “extraordinaire’. Rated one of the top elite training instructors in vulnerability intervention, violence survival, & safety/security instruction.

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PCITI, in partnership with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, was adopted as a model for gang intervention by the Los Angeles City Council in 2010 and remains a recognized curriculum by University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles. Basheer and his team travel the country consulting with cities about ways that the community members can reclaim their neighborhoods from violence, while at the same time, helping high risk kids to transform their communities by transforming themselves.