CSC’s Youth Violence Prevention Program reduces youth violence and violent crime by directly engaging high-risk youth (ages 14-24) and their families in multiple evidence-based activities.

CSC implements a community-based, multi-disciplinary approach that:

  • Strengthens advocacy support strategies
  • Certifies outreach workers in the District of Columbia with intensive training
  • Improves and expands the Gang Intervention Partnership (GIP) model
  • Supports youth and their families and redirects youth to positive youth development opportunities
  • Leads community education campaigns

Key Accomplishments

High Risk Youth Served since 2011
Critical Incidents Addressed in Targeted Communities
Gang Intervention Workshops Throughout the Community
Staff Trained in Gang Prevention, Intervention and Solution Focused Brief Therapy

See a full list of program achievements below.

CSC is always interested in securing additional employment and education opportunities for the youth we serve.  If you would like to partner with us, please call 202-518-6737.

Accomplishments of the Program

  • 690 High Risk Youth Served Since 2011:
  • 244 youth engaged in outreach activities
  • 257 engaged through group sessions and workshops
  • 101 enrolled in educational development, GED preparation, college entrance applications, Job Corps
  • 40 cases were closed out through outreach
  • 51 youth showed improvement in school performance and behavior
  • 139 youth did not re-offend for six months
  • 21 mediated disputes survived 60 days without retaliation
  • 24 youth engaged did not retaliate after critical incident meetings for 30 days
  • 41 youth reported a decrease in hostility and aggressive behavior

Critical Incidents Addressed

  • 31 critical incidents addressed in targeted communities
  • 100% critical incident response in all incidents
  • 15 families enrolled in family services

Community Education in Targeted Communities

  • 112 gang intervention workshops throughout the community
  • 22 community events promoting youth violence prevention in DC

Staff Training

  • 266 staff trained in gang prevention, intervention and Solution Focused Brief Therapy