Refocused Individuals Seeking Employment (R.I.S.E.)

One of the methods for executing the mission of Collaborative Solutions for Communities (CSC) is to assist the families we serve in strengthening their economic stability through unsubsidized employment opportunities. However, CSC realizes that certain professional development must occur for some of its customers prior to being able to obtain and retain unsubsidized employment. As a result, CSC will implement its R.I.S.E. Professional Development Program for customers in need of soft-skill enhancement.

The R.I.S.E. program will be offered to any current and former CSC customers who choose to attend. Additionally, the program will also be available (on the basis of availability) to any member of the community in need of professional development. The R.I.S.E. program will provide job readiness preparation for individuals seeking employment; the program will also focus on the skills necessary to retain employment.

Every Monday beginning
January 9, 2016 @ 2PM