Critical Incident Meeting Protocol

“We are in the business of making sure bad things don’t happen”.

Critical Incident Meeting Protocol


The purpose of the Critical Incident Meeting Protocol is to scale the potential of retaliatory and continued violence following a critical incident that involves a homicide or significant injury.  In a confidential setting, the Critical Incident Team, consisting of trusting partners from the law enforcement community and focus outreach teams, assemble their intelligence related to the incident.  Through the use of Solution-Focused, open ended questions, partners identify the victim(s), scale potential future targets or perpetrators of future violence, identify and engage key family members and friends of victim that require immediate support services, and assess community “temperature” and develop a 24 hour strategy to reduce violence and restore peace in community.  Follow up meetings of the Critical Incident team are scheduled as frequently as the situation requires.

Critical Incident Meeting Protocol Training

Training participants will learn to use Solution-Focused, open ended questions to execute the Critical Incident Meeting Protocol.  The training includes the following:

  • Solution-Focused Open Ended Questions
  • Introduction to elements of Critical Incident Meeting
  • Introduction to Critical Incident Meeting Documentation template
  • Use of genogram to map and track trends in violence
  • Self-Care