6 V 6 Flash CSC Tournament 2017

The Collaborative Solutions for Communities, CSC, is in the midst of hosting the 6V6 Flash tournament.
Below is the schedule.

CSC’s Summer Soccer League

This July we over at Collaborative Solutions for Communities are getting ready to host the 4th Annual Summer Soccer Tournament.

The tournament will have three divisions, U-15, U-19 for our young men, and a young women’s tournament. There will be eight teams in each male Division and for the first time ever six teams in the all new female division.

“Bringing kids together in the summer to play especially soccer. There is something very divine of soccer that when the kids come together they are really interested in playing soccer, doing it well, competing well, and we have seen a tremendous drop in crime behaviors among our youth, to the point I could say very clearly with confidence that we have probably had 0 homicides in the last 4 years with our kids who are involved in our programs. Who are getting involved in the community, they actually play and not fight. Other than that experience we see them becoming less and less involved in gang activities. Because of the experience over the summer. So this is a very important program, in helping keep kids safe, helping strengthen their character and giving direction and that is why we want to continue doing this every year.”

A Word from the Executive Director Penny Griffith

Youth Involved in last summers tournament

Making Our Streets Safer

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First Out of State Tournament

We have returned home with the trophy click below to see some of the action.

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