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What is Solution Focus Therapy to Me   by Dennis H. Nathan

By May 3, 2017Events, Home, News

What is solution focus therapy to me?

  1. Solution- a way of fixing problems
  2. Focus- main purpose
  3. Therapy- treatment

With that being said, no longer do we need to try to just survive, but we can ultimately thrive in this world, using the powerful effective tools of the program for responding to anger, negotiating, apologizing, and understanding the feelings of others.

We can, in fact, treat our minds to fix our thinking, to fix our own problems, to heal our lives, which is the main purpose and goal for success!

It works if you consistently work it,  and if we, as a class, continue to work together, doing our very best, not assuming, not taking thing personal, and most importantly, being a person of your word, then the level and magnitude of success will only be limited by our ability to imagine our true potential.

And that is why when the question was put forth before the class of (where do you see yourself by 2025?), a very powerful question indeed!

I said before the class A KING!! (and I meant every word of it!)  And those who know me, like my friend and brother, who’s supporting me here today,  know that I see this same in all of you, my brothers and sisters.  So keeping thriving with the tools family, and with that, much success!

This is what Solution Focus Therapy has done for me, it has reinforced in me, that if you change your thinking, you change your life, you change your community, and you change the world!

Thanks you and God Bless!

2017 Graduation Speech