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City Council Meeting

By April 11, 2017Events, Home, News

In order to help the youths in our community, one of our staff members went to talk to City Council. This is what he had to say:

“I am honored to have the opportunity to address the Council about the importance of the Youth Rehabilitation Act. The District’s Youth Rehabilitation Act allows for shorter sentences for some crimes and an opportunity for offenders to emerge with no criminal record. We have to remember and understand that sometimes situations occur, and a lot of times our youth may not make the best decisions, however, who are we to say that they don’t deserve a second chance. That second chance comes from the Youth Act. We need to make resources more available for programs that promote positive rehabilitation for the youth, and they need to be aware of these programs before being released. Programs like Collaborative Solutions for Communities FGC (Family Group Conference) process unite all of the youth’s support systems together, such as family members, workers, etc. This process occurs in a meeting-type setting and provides support from all parties involved to come up with a plan to better support the youth upon release so they can take full advantage of the main benefit of the Youth Act, which is a second chance, a clean slate, a new beginning. These are things that needs to be put in place so you can see the positive effects of the youth act. I’m asking the council to not just focus on the bad but more so on the positive effects that the youth act plays in our youth’s life. I believe in the youth act, our youth deserves a second chance. Thank you for allowing me to testify.”