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Collaborative Solutions for Communities helped aid in a successful food drive. Here is Javier Caballero’s personal account about helping many in the community.

“My personal experience at the food drive felt unique in comparison to the other times I did volunteer work. This time I was helping people face to face with volunteers who were happy to be there. My job felt very simple, I just had to open potatoes sacks and empty them into a bowl that I would then spill into someone’s bag to take home. I didn’t realize how vital potatoes were for so many people on a low budget. I felt very happy to have helped so many people. At the end they said we could take the little that was left over, but I felt too guilty to do such a thing. I felt that as long as I have food at home and a job, I don’t feel comfortable taking food, even if there was plenty left over. Receiving food from others means so much more to them, then it could for me. What it meant to them was that they would not go hungry this week. It gives them peace of mind knowing their own children will not suffer, and they will grow up healthy. It gives them hope for the future of their family. It builds a bond with people in the community that reached out to help them.”