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WLVS Talks with Sheba

By February 10, 2016Uncategorized

The Collaborative sat down to share some of our stories on the WLVS Radio Show Talks with Sheba with host Dr. Sheba Holly

The Collaborative Solutions for Communities established the Gang Intervention Partnership (GIP) in 2003.  GIP was formed as part of the District of Columbia’s US Department of Justice Weed and Seed strategy in partnership with the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department and the US Attorney’s Office of Washington, DC.  The GIP model recognizes trusting relationships are essential to strong families and safe communities.  Based on Boston’s 10 Point Coalition “Boston Miracle”, GIP combines focused street outreach and intelligence gathering, safe and confidential information sharing among systems, intensive family and youth support services, and community based activities to re-establish community norms of peace.

Gang Intervention Partnership is based on three values also known as “The Three P’s”:

  1. Violence is Preventable.
  2. Understanding The Big Picture leads to identifying the root causes of violence and helps develop strategy to end violence.
  3. Multi-system Partnerships are necessary to begin the process of healing, restore broken trusts and sustain peace.

Alex shared his story of how he was dragged into the gang lifestyle by association. Hanging out with friends that were getting into trouble and fights Alex found himself fighting just because this was his friend. He was jumped in to the gang and it took the passing of his friend for him to realize that he needed a wake up call and decided to remove himself from the situation. realizing that nothing positive came from it he began to start thinking differently.
Yessenia discussed how it took a community to pull together with their support to get her on the right track. Family, Jasmin, The Collaborative, the school,  and the community rallied around her to keep her safe to get her out of the situation. She ended up in a girls group that helped with her self esteem and made her a stronger woman.

Loleata shared her passionate story of loss and how she copes with it through a support group called Still Standing. The group is a healing process to mothers who have lost their children to violence.